Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love for Lemons

I love lemon flavoring. Period. Lemon Curd, lemon frosting, lemon cake, lemon cookies, lemonade, lemon scented candles and so on and so forth. Lemon Curd is my absolute favorite thing EVER! on cake, on bread, in cereal..plain. YUMMYUMM. I have several different recipes. They range from super simple and very sweet to really difficult and tangy. I love trying new ones! Except the ones that make it more difficult than it really is. like to Grate 15 lemons for 1tsp of lemon zest....um...lemme think about that..yeahno. or squeeze 30 lemons for fresh lemon juice. Again NO WAY! Lemons aren't cheap. *holds up lemon juice bottle* a god send. I only use it to top off my lemon juice. Say i needed a half cup and i had juuuuuust below that, i use the bottled lemon juice to top it off :).

Last night I needed a really sturdy cake filling and in a Martha Stewart video (SHUT IT!!) I saw that she a really nice version that she was putting on a cake. SO i looked it up in her cookbook (again shut up). So I thought, "hey I'll bite." 8 EGG YOLKS! WOOF! But the rest was simple, plus i like just egg whites to eat anyway. Man was it hard. "After thick, stir in salt and butter, once piece at a time". There were 10 pieces of butter, so naturally it got cool before all of the butter dissolved. SO i put it back on the burner on low. It worked. After I put it through the strainer, I HAD to taste test it even before it was chilled (tho it got cool really fast). OMG YUM! It had a very nice balance of sweet and tang which is what youlook for in a lemon curd. Too much sweet and it makes your teeth hurt and it doesnt set up, too much tang and you make a sour face and doesnt make a very good cake filling. SO I put it in the fridge and left it till i was ready for it on the cake.

OFF TOPIC: word to the wise, when making a layer cake DON"T use boxed white cake. Its so light and soft. It will got *CRUMBLE CRUMBLE FALL APART DIE*. So i had to make 2 cakes last night which didnt help my mood because i was fighting a migraine.

Ok i was all set to put the curd on my cake. I put a dam of icing on the corners to keep the curd from squishing out. When i went to stir the curd, it was beautifully thick, creamy and spreadable. Not gross thick but perfect thick. I put as much of it on the cake as I could ( i told you i love this stuff). It stayed perfectly. I had some left over. It took everything in me not to grab a spoon and just eat the rest of it....not that i'm saying I didn't eat some of it :). This stuff was dah bomb. Thats my opinion anyway. We shall see what my co workers think on Wed.

PS For the cake I also made lemon buttercream (just switched out the vanilla extract for lemon extract) and colored it yellow :). its so cute.


  1. Despite what anyone's personal feelings about Martha Stewart are, no one can deny that the woman knows what she is doing. The sheer wealth of knowledge that she contains is amazing. I'm personally a fan :D

    Lemon curd looks great!! To save on evil lemon costs, grab giant bags of them when they go on sale and the zest as well a juice freezes amazingly well!

  2. hey never thought of freezing! THANKS MAN! OH yeah so the curd was dah bomb! so tastey and creamy. Found an easier version from martha on her website. 8 egg yolk is a little much.

  3. Freezing is amazing. You can freeze the lemon juice in ice cube trays then pop them in to a freezer bag!