Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend

Well lets see. I already told you of my cookie escapade this weekend. I have discovered a wonderful new food. Bruchetta. I found the recipe of the one that Julie cooked in Julie and Julia (which btw i found the actual blog! how wicked cool is that. I havent made it yet but I made something similar and OMG...the only thing i changed out is that I didn't use olive oil. I used the Pam Olive Oil SPRAY. It cuts the calories and fats in half even though it elimates the "belly fat blasting" mufa's. Whatever. But yummy. OH I made a everso tastey Pumpkin Bread for my dear friend Rhonda this weekend. I havent tasted the bread but the batter was very tastey and I take that as a good sign.

Tonight I have to make buttercream. I always get in trouble with butter cream because frosting is my weakness.

ALlow me to introduce the newest member of my family: Baxter Donte!

I love him. So It's not a kitchenaide like I said but it gives me something to work for. Ok I better go get some work done. Another workweek has started!!!

Here's some pics of other treats I've made this week if I haven't posted them already


  1. Sunbeam is an excellent brand for a mixer. Having a stand mixer makes everything so much easier, it doesn't need to be a kitchenaid :D

    The cookies and treats look great!

  2. I love baxter. He makes making buttercream for cakes so much easier!!! and a liiiittle less messy. plus while that mixes I can do other things! It's fabulous!