Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Cookies...oh My

So as you all know tis the season for cookies. So for the past 5 days I've done nothing but bake and decorate. my mother and I have collectivally decorated about 7 dozen butter cookies and I decorated about 2 dozen sugar cookies. We then decorated a dozen cupcakes for class which were adorable. But on top of that I've made a 2 dozen snickerdoodles, 3 doezen chocolate chip, 4 dozen butterschotch (for my dad) and 2 dozen vanilla wafters (which were awesome). I also made 3 dozen white choclate w/crush candy cane covered prezles which were droolworthy. The buttercookies were the best!!! It's from an old recipe from my grandmother. Those things went SO FAST at work that i had people from other departments asking me "got anymore of those cookies?" I'll post that recipe on here later too! I left it at work and my mom has the original. She also has a recipe for these chocolate crinkles that i could eat all day and never get sick of. I will post both of those later.

Seriously if there is any cookie, cake, or pie recipe on this blog that you want to see or try please let me know!! I will post it asap!!!

I think that's it but whew!!! Oh yeah I also made my brothers dog bbq basted dog biscuits, which set of my smoke alarm a million times. oh and my cookie bouquet at work didnt work oh well. they ate the cookies. THey enjoyed the sugar cookies. IT was a great recipe. It was from better home and gardens Homemade Cookies cookbook.
i think i'm done with cookies for now. Pictures will come in a little bit when i get them from my online album. Not today though.

Buty that's what ive been up to for the last week. Sorry I've taken so long to blog about it.

Next Tuesday is my last cake class with mom. I'm making a new years cake with a baby, party hat, wine, confetti, etc. So wish me luck. Any ideas on what kind of cak to make? I'm thinking a strawberry filling. Maybe lemon. OH NO chocolate..yeah boy! Any suggestions?

I was watching Julie and Julia last night and thought about doing something like that myself. What do you think? Anyone? Anyone even read this? meh oh well.

well I'm whooped its nap time..even though i've done nothing but eat cookies and turkey all day. BUt its christmas so who cares?! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

OH Yeah seriously if there is anyt

PS I GOT A NEW MIXER AND ITS A STANDING MIXER WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! AND A COOKIE PRESS! My dad was so funny: "Wtf kind of cookies does this make? They'll have holes in them!" Nerd


  1. *waves* I found you through random interest searching :D And I knew I recognized the picture!

    Your cakes are adorable! We had a similar cookie-palooza this week lol.

    Julie and Julia was so cute. The movie for once was better than the book! If you could cook from one cookbook what would you choose? It's certainly an interesting idea!

  2. HI BACK!!! Thank you!!! in Jenn Jenn? The Jenn I use to know? ....or am i just out of my mind!

    oh thats easy: Better Home and Gardens ORIGINAL cookbook you know the black and white 70's version. The best!!! mymom had one and i loved it..So when I found it in an awesome book store..i was like "MIIIIINE!"

  3. Yepp that's me :D

    That sounds like it would be a good one to cook through. I have an ancient Betty Crocker cookbook that is my go-to for everything.