Wednesday, February 10, 2010 devine

So I was craving chocolate and didn't have much. I had a box of devils food cake mix. hmm...didn't really feel like making the WHOLE cake. So I started thinking...I wonder. Grabbed my milk(which happened to be almond milk) mixed it with some cake mix. First yum..cake batter. Then I started wondering again!!! So i put some in a cup and put it in the microwave fora bout 1:30. HOLY CRAP! It turned to cake! Added a little batter on top for icing and PERSONAL CHOCOALTE CAKE! Now, it wasnt as sweet because of the almond milk but it was great and with no eggs. It was fluffy, a little chewy, but chocolate. So here is what i recommend:

1 box of devils food cake mix (i plan to try it with yellow eventually)
Apporximatly 1.5-2 cups milk (any kind) -i eyeballed it

Mix ingredients in bowl until well blended (i still had those dry cake dots but oh well). Spoon into small cups (make sure they are microwave safe). Microwave for approximatley 1 to 2 minutes depending on the amount of batter. Carefully remove from microwave and allow to cool, (or not..I didn't :) ). Top with chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce, frosting, left over batter, cool whip, nothing...whatever your little heart desires!

YUM! I bet this would be a good quick dessert or maybe even little snack cakes for a party. ANd yes I made a HUGE mess with the cake wouldn't open!!! So it was on me and the floor!

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