Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chili Bowl!! Aka our Anti-Fundraiser

As of last year, Accounting, IT, PUrchasing (ME!!!) and this year HR, have an anual tradition of having a chili bowl. All, or I should say most, of us make a huge crock pot of chili, bring it in and set it up in the commons of Goodwill and feed everyone, well everyone onsite that is, at no charge. we have so many fundraisers at Goodwill to raise money for different parts, such as the Greenhouse, or Project Care, etc. that you get sick of having to pay 2 bucks for a hotdog or something like that.

So my boss, Anthony, who is the most awesomest boss ever, came up with the idea. He buys all the supplies, bowls, spoons, napkins, sour cream, cheese, etc. Everyone else brings the chili. This year he was super busy and didn't have time to promote it much. SOOOO I took over. I pretty much got to coordinate it and market it. I had a flyer that I sent out to the company and I got everyone invovled with the chili. Asked how many, what kind. Then I got all the stuff sorted when it was brought in and Anthony, Todd and I set it up. I didn't eat for like an hour into it. Then gave up because it all smelled so good. Being a baker, naturally I had to take SOMETHING besides chili. SO I took 3 loaves my ever famous (within the company anyway) beer bread. Yeah it was destroyed within 30 minutes. 3 LOAVES!! YEESH! *makes note* Got it. I really enjoyed the coordinating part. People really appriciated it even with my busy schedule. I knew no one else had time. So maybe they'll let me do it again and maybe I'll have more time to actually make decent awards!!!!

I also made some corn bread for the very first time. I made Jalapeno and cheese cornbread and it was DELISHIOUS!! I hate jalapenos but this was a very nice savory bread. I also made regular cornbread which was ok but a little too dense for what cornbread should be. I also put together some homemade garlic butter. when spread on the beer bread and put in the oven for 10 minutes...heeaven!

The Beer Bread:

The Chili:
The Cornbread:

The Mess:

As for my chili, (yeah i was a crazy cook in the kitchen thursday night) I made black bean and corn chicken chili in my mama's big crock pot. There was only a glob left after the end of two hours.

There were 9 different chili's. NINE! three made by Anthony! THough his white chicken chili was da bomb. I must get that recipe! A coworker even made spaghetti noodles to go with his cincinnati chili. And he made this thing called a chili was awesome. Boboli crust, chili, cheese, oven. Voila done. Must try it.

People voted for their favorite chili in four categories so this weekend I have to try to find a way to dazzel up some trophies! How I'm gonna do that I don't know because I only have tomorrow and my plate is full already. But here are some beautiful pictures (not) of the food I made. I'm not giving out the recipe for the beer bread. It's my precious. It's the one thing I know I can make and EVERYONE will enjoy it. And so many variations beer wise. The lighter the beer the lighter the bread the thicker the beer the denser the bread. Man...ok bye!!! WEEE
PS Also updated this post with pictures!

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